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Create the guest list
Creates the list of persons you want to invite to your event. It's user friendly
Choose an invitation card
You may choose a card using our collection of pictures or alternatively upload your own iCard.
Send invitation by Email
Send free invitations to multiple addresses in accordance with your guest list. Every invitee gets Email with unique link to a chosen iCard.
See the results
The recepient that got your iCard along with usefull information, will be able to answer you if he/she will participate in your event. This answer you will see in the site.
Manage your events online!
Events' name
For example: Bill and Susan's wedding
Create the guest list
Visit our website with your mobile
Create the guest list
You can reach most functionality of our system using suitable mobile device. All you need to do it to enter our internet address (Events-X.com) on your mobile device's web browser. The system will try to detect the type of your mobile device to match the best view on your device.
Your feedback is very important for us!
invitation by Email
You have to know that this site is build for you. If you see that some function is missing or you want us to improve something, don't hesitate to contact us. Click here to open "Contact us" form.
Advantages of using our site
Send invitation by Email
Before we will count advantages of using our site we want to show you the advantages of using on-line invitation system as ours at all. You send a virtual card, not a paper one. And it help to save the environment. You don't have to pay for card and you don't have a post fee. The card reachs your recipient immediately. You don't need to wait a postman bring it to your guest. You don't need to go out to do this at all. Everything you can do at your home, office or every place you have a computer or mobile device connected to the internet. The responses, you can get them without physical interaction with your guest. Again, everything is on-line.
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